XCMG E - Commerce


XCMG E - Commerce


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Automobiles & Motorcycles, Body Parts, Door Locks, Building & Construction, Ladders & Scaffoldings, Work Platforms, Machinery, Engineering & Construction Machinery, Earth-moving Machinery, Agriculture Machinery & Equipment, Forestry Machinery, Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services, Power Transmission Parts, Other Power Transmission Parts, Transportation, Truck, Dump Truck, Emergency Vehicles, Fire Truck

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Founded in 1943, XCMG is a multinational corporation with the most comprehensive range of competitive, influential products in the construction machinery industry. We rank No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry and No.3 globally. Our business covers eight key areas: construction machinery, heavy trucks, mining machinery, sanitation machinery, machinery components, construction, finance, and the ICT industry. is the official international business website of XCMG. It develops the B2B2C business model and promotes the seamless connection between manufacturers and buyers. “Machmall” is a combination of “mach(inery)” and “mall”. We provide our customers with one-stop trading experience and comprehensive services., much more inside.   Visit to find our broad selection of the latest products.

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