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Chemical Machinery & Equipment, Chemical Machine Parts, Other Chemical Equipment, Ironing Washing Equipments, Dehumidifiers, Filling Machines, Packaging Machinery Parts, Coffee Machine, Other Construction Machinery, Fryer, Air Cleaning Equipment

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Company Size:

501 - 1000 People


ExBorders is a cross border e-commerce marketplace - offering a wide range of international brands. ExBorders has partnered with some of the largest brands from the US, Europe, China and UAE - offering products ranging from electronics, toys, beauty, baby, fashion and many more! A new model in worldwide online shopping. We offer a wide array of International branded goods to fulfil the Indian & UAE consumers' needs with ease. Exborders has offices and fulfilment centres across USA, UK, UAE, India & Singapore. And since the entire logistical process is owned by Exborders, the cost of the product is reduced at every stage of the delivery. Exborders also has uniquely constructed algorithms to calculate product pricing, inclusive of shipping costs, exchange rates, customs duty and taxes in real-time. With over 8 million products across numerous categories, we've helped some of the world's largest brands expand their businesses and increase their profitability exponentially. Your access to the Global Marketplace and Brands is now a reality with Exborders.

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