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Seat assembly is a seat system in which the driver sits. According to the location, can be divided into: Front seats: headrest, backrest, seat cushion, (armrest) , back seats: (headrest) , backrest, seat cushion, wing, (armrest)
Seat assembly is fit for Howo Sinotruk heavy duty trucks. Our seat assembly for heavy duty trucks is well made with high quality. And the quality of the seat is guaranteed.
Our seat assembly has the character of simple mantenance, long service life, easy to be installed and discharged.


The seat assembly provides the convenient operation, comfortable and safe driving and riding position for the driver.

Seat assembly should have the following conditions:

  • The seating arrangement of the whole car should be reasonable, especially the driver's seat must be in the best position;

  • The seat shape design must accord with the physiological function of the human body,

  • the seat must be safe and reliable, should have sufficient strength, rigidity and durability, compact structure, reduce quality as far as possible;

  • in order to meet the comfort of the driver and passengers to set up a variety of regulatory bodies, to have a reliable locking device to ensure safety.